If you own property and/or have children and want to have any degree of certainty that your estate goes where you want it to go a basic Will is not enough.

A basic Will passes  your estates directly to your chosen beneficiaries  where it is at risk to the various  'what if' scenarios.  See our John & Mabel story!

A basic Will leaves the whole estate to the survivor where it is at risk during the survivor's lifetime from both sideways disinheritance and potential creditors.

Are your solicitors or bank acting as professional executors in your will? Do you really know how much they are charging to administer your estate? A codicil can simply change your executors if you are not happy. Contact us for our full estate administration fees, which could potentially save you thousands of pounds!

Are you cohabiting with your life long partner, who you have children with? The government only recognise marriage and civil partnerships, so you could be leaving yourselves wide open to unnecessary inheritance tax bill when you pass.

Is your estate already in a discretionary trust? You may be missing out on the new government residential nil rate band (RNRB) allowance.

If you want to maximise what passes to your children, please contact us today.