As a mother of an 18 yrs old Autistic daughter I understand the fears and concerns as your child transitions into adulthood, it’s a big world out there and as they take their first tentative steps you can’t help but worry about them.


Your protective net as a parent of a disabled/Autistic child is lost as they are suddenly classed as an adult and all parental responsibility is gone.


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How can a Lasting Power Of Attorney (LPA) help?

With this in mind my daughter and I have agreed for us (her parents) to have an LPA for Health and welfare and an LPA for Property and Finance put in place. This will assist her in her day to day life, help her with decision making,  giving her that independence to decide but with a safety net in place.

Is there another option if my adult child does not understand?

If your child is entering adulthood and is unable to understand the difficulties ahead and cannot express their wishes, a Deputyship is something that you may wish to consider to protect your adult child. Our solicitors are very experienced in Court of Protection work and are Lexcel  Accredited. They are committed to providing appropriate solutions and have a Panel Deputy one of only 68 solicitors in England and Wales appointed by the Office of Public Guardian because of their specialist skills in looking after the affairs of the mentally incapacitated persons. Whatever the circumstances, they are there to help.

Please contact us, we will endeavour to get the best result for your young adult and your peace of mind.